Did You Know… Geek Fact of the Day #34

Happy Monday to you all. As many of you by now know, the newest James Bond movie SKYFALL now has a teaser trailer out. I cannot wait for this movie! It’s going to be great!I thought today it’d be fun to share a Geek Fact of the Day that is James Bond related. So… here we go.

Did You Know… Geek Fact of the Day #34

Did you know…Sean Connery wears a toupee in all the James Bond movies.

I have always thought this geek fact was a bit amusing which is why I shared it today. I don’t think Daniel Craig wears a toupee but if he did, I would be amused by that. There are very few people that are cooler than James Bond. The toupee is the complete opposite of this… I think that is why it amuses me!

So did you see the new teaser trailer for SKYFALL? If not, here it is:

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Make it a GREAT day!

- Mr. DAPs

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