Did You Know… Geek Fact of the Day #30

Good morning to you all! Today I thought we’d take a trip out to the farm for the Geek Fact of the Day. Little did you know, but geeks can also be coupled with hicks! I know this because I happen to have a bit of both in my background. With that said, it’s time for down on the farm Geek Fact of the Day!

Did You Know… Geek Fact of the Day #30

Did you know… There is approximately one chicken for every one human being found in the world.

Now THAT’S a lot of fried chicken… or chicken salad… or chicken pie… or chicken n’ dumplings… or *insert favorite chicken dish here.* The thing that baffles my mind even more as I think about this fact is… think of how many EGGS there must be then! With that thought, I bid you adieu for today!

Make it a GREAT day!

- Mr. DAPs

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