Did You Know… Geek Fact of the Day #12

Geek Fact of the Day - Volcano

Happy Saturday! Time to spend a few moments getting geeky. Yes, it is that time of day again. The time where you sit down and check out the Geeks Corner webshow website! Say that fast three times… Because it IS Saturday, we thought we’d give you a random Geek Fact of the Day that has to do with someplace awesome, exotic, and evokes thoughts of relaxation. Then we thought… let’s couple that with something that both destructs and creates at the same time. This is what we came up with.

Did You Know… Geek Fact of the Day #12

Did you know…Due to the regular volcanic eruptions, Hawaii is the only state in the nation to have an increasing land area.

So… does that mean if you were to buy beach front property in Hawaii that gets expanded by a volcano that you get free land? Of course, you might not be able to use it for anything other than a BBQ for awhile but hey, how many people can say they legitimately got two acres for the price of one?

Make it a GREAT day!

- Mr. DAPs

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