Geeks Corner – Aloha – Episode 101

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This is the first episode of the second season of Geeks Corner! Mr. DAPs and Johnny 5 BOTH have returned for this second year (shocking, I know). This is the year we are calling THE YEAR OF THE FUTURE!

Since Disney’s first stand alone resort Aulani just opened recently, we thought it’d be fun to make this show Hawaiian in theme. We also just really love the Tiki Room and Hawaiian shirts. Oh yea, and so does John Lasseter so everything seemed to be just working together to suggest that this was a good idea!

Some things have returned from last year as we forge forward into the future. One thing we couldn’t let go was It is as amazing as ever and we are quite excited about the new things that has been posted by the guy/girl who posts there. Sorry, we couldn’t tell from the voicemail!

We also have a new segment called “Around the Corner.” I could tell you more about it but just watch the video and you’ll get to see what it is. Lastly, we have something special for you involving a mandolin, banjo, and well… us in Hawaiian shirts!

We hope you enjoy this first episode of the second season of Geeks Corner!

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